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What is the value of a home? We went around the world and asked...

The true value of home, expressed around the world

The Emirati Home

by Siddharth Seth

In the United Arab Emirates, over 80% of the population consists of expats. In spite of this peculiar demographic, the Emiratis, or the local citizenry, through their rich cultures and tradition have managed to maintain a very strong identity of their own. But more importantly, these figures prove that the Emiratis are splendid hosts.

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Adauto in the Woods

by Ivo Machado

As soon as I met Adauto, the guy from the film, I was amazed about his story and I thought the world should hear what he had to say. Also his home is so unique and built in beautiful way that blends with nature that I had to film it!

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Jared Januschka

I was banned from sharing the photograph that inspired The Wonderful World of Watson. Basically, it's of one of my dearest family members asleep on the couch with Watson laying near his head.

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At Home in The Rainbow Nation

by Stephen Horn

This film shows how people of different cultures in South Africa experience their culture in their home, using one of the five senses as a starting point for each story.

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Home Is…

by Zé Pedro Abreu

The moment I saw the brief, I completely related to it and it was the perfect opportunity to match these two passions, showcasing a journey of a young adult discovering the real meaning of a home, and therefore, making one of the biggest decisions of his life: to buy his home

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Where Your Best Memories Live

by Mauricio Thomsen

My film features a sequence of old photographs with great moments that happened inside or around a nice house. But using a technique with the photos being held in front of the camera aligned in the actual place where they were taken in the past.

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We Are Together

by Tang Yu Han

This story is about a girl who left from home and worked outside. At first she was tired of the endless chatter from her parents. However, an accidental injury of her mother made her realize the importance of parents and the meaning of home. As a result, she purchased a more suitable apartment for her parents.

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I'm Home

by Israel Fernandez

When we read about this project we were very excited because families in Mexico are very important and we have a unique chance to show the world all the traditions and details that make a mexican family so special.

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Bricks of Love

by Srivatsa Jonnabhatla

I am always inspired to show why culture is so important. How it makes you identify the good and bad. Whenever I see my cousin and sister (Raghava and Rukmini from video), it makes me feel happy, cos, he preserves the traditions by not missing any festivals at home.

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GHAR (home)

by Aashini Shah and Vishwesh Kolwalke

We were very excited when we read the brief for Coldwell Banker contest. It gave us an opportunity to make something close to our hearts, that would represent our community and traditions. We both came up with different concepts which had nuances of our day to day life. Shooting the ad itself was like a celebration; celebration of festivals and childhood memories as well as a woman's spirit.

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World's Most Expensive Homes

Coldwell Banker

In this latest episode of the Coldwell Banker video series World's Most Expensive Homes, we visit the tropical getaway that is St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and explore the luxury home known as The Estate at Spring Bay.

World's Most Expensive Homes

Coldwell Banker

The next stop on our tour of the World's Most Expensive Homes takes us to the infamous wine country of the Napa Valley and the estate at the Quioxte Winery. Take a tour of this amazing property and area of Napa Valley in the latest episode of the Coldwell Banker series, World's Most Expensive Homes.

Open House

Coldwell Banker

The Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action Contest now has 10 finalists and a grand prize winner will be announced on Friday, but we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite submissions that just missed out on a few votes that kept them from being finalists. This video called "Open House" gives a child's view of how showing a home for sale should work. Gotta say that blonde girl has a promising career in real estate.

Dear Poppy

Coldwell Banker

This video submitted as part of the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest takes a different look at home from others featured. “Dear Poppy” is a sentimental look at one life event that turned a dream house into a true home. While the video didn’t make it as a contest finalist, it’s still one of our favorite submissions.

This is Home

Coldwell Banker

Here it is. The grand prize winner for the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest which asked people to submit a video of their kids or pets giving a tour of their home or sharing what makes their home so special. The winning video comes from the Johnson family in Henderson, NV that’s titled “This is Home” although here at Coldwell Banker we affectionately refer to it as “rapping kids.” Regardless of the name, I’m pretty sure you’ll call it adorable.